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Инъекционный прогестерон не предотвращает преждевременные роды

Медведєв Михайло Володимирович // 16 Февраля 2020

Маятник качнулся вновь в сторону от прогестерона. Свежее исследование не показало эффективности инъекционного прогестерона (17-ОПК) для снижения риска преждевременных родов у женщин с преждевременными родами в анамнезе.

Краткий текст на английском: "Progesterone is administered in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy to women with a history of spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB) to reduce the risk of recurrent sPTB, but emerging data have not confirmed the efficacy reported in earlier trials. In a multicenter international trial (PROLONG) including over 1700 women with a singleton gestation and past history of sPTB, hydroxyprogesterone caproate injections (Makena) did not reduce PTB <35 weeks compared with placebo (11.0 versus 11.5 percent) [9]. After review of these findings, a US Food and Drug Administration advisory committee recommended withdrawing approval for Makena [10,11]. Some UpToDate contributors continue to offer hydroxyprogesterone caproate with shared decision-making, while others use intravaginal natural progesterone in patients with a history of sPTB, pending data from additional trials and revised guidance from major obstetric organizations. (See "Progesterone supplementation to reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm birth", section on 'Spontaneous singleton preterm birth in prior pregnancy'.)"

Источник: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/whats-new-in-obstetrics-and-gynecology

Инъекционный прогестерон не предотвращает преждевременные роды

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